Fun Activities

Japan is known for its unique culture such as traditional Japanese festivals and fireworks with spectacular and colorful displays.
During the four seasons, there are different events.
In this article, we will talk about seasonal events and also apps. Let's have some fun and make local friends using apps!

Yearly Events

Golden Week

Golden Week is a week from the 29th of April to early May containing a number of Japanese holidays.
(The Emperor’s birthday, Greenery Day, Shouwa Day, Constitution Day, Citizen’s Day, Children’s Day).
It’s also called Ogata Renkyuu. (Long holiday weekends)
In Japan, workers usually don’t take more than three days in a row vacation. But there are many national holidays during the year in Japan.
It makes it easier to take a long holiday for workers. It’s time to return home and have some fun!

Fruit Picking

In Japan, you can pick up fresh fruits each season.
Various orchards around Japan offer fruit picking experiences by weight, per piece or all you can eat for a fixed amount of time depending on the fruit.
It’s a popular weekend activity in Japan.

【Spring and Summer】

  • Regions famous for cherry production: Yamanashi, Yamaguchi
  • Regions famous for peach production: Yamanashi , Yamaguchi
  • 【Autumn and winter】

  • Regions famous for apple production: Nagano, Aomori
  • Regions famous for grape production: Yamanashi, Nagano
  • ichigogari (引用:

    Valentine's Day and White Day

    In Japan, it’s only girls who give chocolate on February 14th. The boys have their day a month later on March 14th, which is called White Day.
    That is because in Japan there is a habit of returning gifts.

    【Different types of chocolate】

    Honmei choco
    The honmei choco is the most important of this day. Honmei means something like favorite or first choice.
    This is a chance to express affection which Japanese usually don't show.
    Giri choco
    Giri choco means obligation chocolate.
    It’s known that in Japan social obligations have great importance in the daily lives of people.
    Giri choco is given above all to co-workers, bosses, relatives or other men with whom one is not romantically involved. The giri choco is usually something simple and cheap.
    Tomo choco
    Tomo choco is literally friends chocolate and is given to your friends.
    Before, I said that in Japan, for Valentine’s Day it is the girls who give chocolate to the boys, but tomo choco is also used to give chocolate among female friends.
    Jibun choco
    Jibun choco is the chocolate you buy for yourself. Jibun literally means self.

    Tanabata (Star festival)

    According to legend, on July 7th the deities Orihime (represented by the star Vega) and Hikoboshi (represented by the star Altair) traverse the Milky Way to renew their ancient bond of love. Tanabata is one of Japan’s five traditional seasonal festivals.
    People decorate bamboo with tanzaku (wish papers). People write a wish on these strips of paper, and tie them to the bamboo. (引用:

    Hanabi (Fireworks)

    Fireworks are a huge deal in Japan. They take place during summer (July, August, and September).
    The Hanabi shows normally last around two hours.

    【Famous Summer festivals in Japan】



    Obon is one of Japan’s most well known buddhist events. It can translate to mean "the lantern festival of the dead".

    When is Obon?
    Obon takes place from August 13th to August 16th.
    How do people celebrate Obon?
    During Obon, people spend time with their families. Most of the companies are closed during this time.

    Kouyou gari
    (Autumn Leaves Watching)

    Japan is famous for it's four distinct and amazing seasons.
    Every year in October, is the time to be in Japan for the Autumn Leaves Festival.
    The exact timing for leaves watching varies due to temperature and elevation. Weather forecasts inform about the best time to see the beautifully colored leaves in your area. More information.. (引用:


    If you are visiting before the New Year in Japan, you will find many things traditionally associated with Christmas.

    Did you know KFC is the most common Christmas meal in Japan?

    Every Chiristmas, an estimated 3.6 million Japanese families get their holiday meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken.
    Somehow this tradition is one of the most sacred and one that really embodies the Japanese Christmas spirit. (引用: